The Work of Martijn van Boven

Martijn van Boven (1977) is a visual artist from Amsterdam, with a focus on experimental films and computer generated art. His work is expressed through installations, films, collaborations with composers, and cinema performances.
Van Boven has been the head of Design Art Technology at the ArteZ Institute from 2012 until 2021 and was a teacher in the field of Media Archeology, Audio-Visual Design and Avant-Garde Film History.Van Boven received his credentials at the Image and Sound department of the Royal Art Academy in The Hague. He has been focused on abstract filmmaking since 2000, co-founded the Hague’s TAG Media Center in 2003, and in 2005 joined the curatorial team of Sonic Acts, the Netherlands-based festival operating at the intersection of art, music and science. He currently lives and works in Amsterdam.

A short note about some of his work
His work “Walzkörpersperre,” on 35mm celluloid for projection on a monumental vertical screen, was created by scanning the architectural elements of a bunker wall. “Field Notes From a Mine” is a computer-generated film with no filmed materials and is composed of vast collections of data, mined from the statistics of the historical pilgrimage route which crossed from East to West Africa.

One of his most known works, “Black Smoking Mirror,” is a performance in collaboration with sound artist Gert-Jan Prins including the building of a fixed screen of inflammable canvas, with the CinemaScope aspect ratio, which after combustion caused by a laser, carries the remains of the light engraving.
Van Bovens work has premiered at world-wide festivals including:
IFF Rotterdam, State X New Forms, Sonic Acts, Holland Festival,
Five Days Off, FICCO (Mexico City/MX), RIKZ (Riga/LV),
SKIF-9 (St. Petersburg/RU), Noise Bar ( Tokyo, JP),
Transmediale (GER), Ars Electronica (AU) and more.

To Kill Real-time 2022| length 20' | format HD | black and white | audio stereo
Shell Script Lecture 2021| length 15' | format live stream | colour | audio stereo
Black Smoking Mirror 2015| length 18' | format laser projected images and fire | color and smoke | audio stereo | composition Gert-Jan Prins
On Growth And Data 2013 | length 30' | format 360degree projection | black and white | audio surround sound
Shadow Optics 2011 | length 20' | format HD | black and white | audio stereo
Point Line Cube Cloud 2010 | length 15' | format HD | black and white | audio stereo

Walzkörpersperre 2014 | length 11’ | format 35mm cinemascope | color | audio Dolby Prologic | composition Gert-Jan Prins
DEAD BODY WELCOME 2013| length 11’ | format HD| color | audio Dolby Prologic | special sequence
Fieldnotes From A Mine ( Tiger Award Nominee ) 2012 | length 21’ | format HD | color | audio Dolby Prologic | composition Tom Tlalim
A Thousand Scapes 2009 | length 14’ | format HD | black and white | audio Dolby Prologic
Interfield 2007 | length 6’ 40’ | format DV | color | audio 5.1 surround sound
CEC1511L 2006 | length 7’ 7’ |format DV | color | audio stereo
609386_friction.mov 2004 | length 10’ 04’ | format DV | color | audio stereo | composition Alejandro Castaños
00:12:21 2002 | length 12’ 21’ | format 16mm | black and white | audio stereo

Misaligned Feedback 2022 | Digital Images on Print
Code re-enactment of the decaying language inside a machine 2019 | software study
I wrote a chapter on the early development of Live Cinema for the book A Critical History of Media Art in the Netherlands | 2019
A Circulation Of Circuits 2017 | Computational Coin
Noise And Matter 2016 | Triology
Reversed Turing Test 2016 | Drawings
An Interview With Lillian Schwartz 2006 | Documentary
Sketches ungoing | Unfiltered selection of computer generated images

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